The Key To Christian Romance

The Key To Christian Romance

With all the messages out there on how to pursue romance as a Christian, it’s hard to recognize what’s truly important. Many different Christian authors, speakers, and preachers give all kinds of different advice on what’s important for pursuing romance in a godly way. Yet much of it is contradictory! As I’ve studied Christian romance over the years, I’ve waded through more pieces of advice and instruction than I can count. I’m sad to say that most Christian instructors miss what’s truly key to building a God-glorifying love life.

That’s why I’ve written The Key To Christian Romance: The Essential Principle For A Godly And Fulfilling Love Life (Second Edition). It walks you through the single foundational principle that determines success in pursuing godly romantic relationships: being a disciple of Jesus whose love life is defined by pursuing Christ. This essential principle is the one that guides my own love life, and it makes all the difference in Christian romantic relationships. Don’t miss out on practicing the single most important thing for building a God-glorifying and fulfilling love life!

In this ebook you’ll learn

  • what being a disciple of Jesus truly means,
  • why being a disciple makes all the difference in your romantic relationships,
  • practical steps on how to practice being a disciple of Jesus,
  • how a disciple’s love for God and others guides romantic relationships,
  • how to use wisdom to navigate the unique circumstances of your own love life,
  • and how to navigate the variety of Christian perspectives on romance as you build your love life.

I want this ebook to be accessible for everyone, so it costs only $4.99. But maybe you’re still thinking, “Justin, are you really trying to make money off of letting people know what’s important for a godly love life?” Well, no. The whole reason I started this blog and wrote this ebook was to share biblical wisdom for romance with others. That’s why I make the following pledge to you: I won’t put one penny of the proceeds from this ebook in my own pocket. All the revenue generated by sales of this ebook will be used to support this blog and help others learn how to build godly, fulfilling love lives. So when you purchase your copy of The Key To Christian Romance, you’re not only gaining essential biblical wisdom for your love life but you’re also helping others gain the same. Where else will you find a deal like that?

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