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Hi, I’m Justin Megna. Welcome to That Crazy Christian Romance!

I believe that pursuing romance and marriage within our Christian culture is all too often confusing, difficult to figure out, or just downright crazy! Considering how many of us Christian men and women hope one day to enter a godly, fulfilling marriage, why does the journey getting there often seem so difficult to navigate?

Well, there’s a lot to unpack in answering that question. The short answer is that, over the last few decades, Christians have disagreed over how to pursue romance, how to solve various problems that arise during the process, and what role God takes in our pursuit of romance. All the disagreement has resulted in different perspectives on how to pursuit romance. Each perspective speaks into our Christian culture, saying we should pursue romance in one way or another. The problem is that much of the advice coming from these perspectives is contradictory. As all these ideas mix together, it’s hard to know how to handle the social and spiritual expectations of pursuing romance as a Christian. Even worse, some of the ideas out there are unwise or downright unbiblical! Does all this sound crazy yet?

This blog is the outgrowth of my own personal journey. As a teenager, I listened to certain ideas about pursuing Christian romance, and I thought I knew how to pursue romance the “right” way. Life eventually taught me that what I thought was a wise way to pursue romance really wasn’t. That discovery sent me on a journey of studying the various perspectives within our Christian romance culture. I created this blog because I want to share what I’ve learned with others and help others succeed in building godly and fulfilling love lives.

I believe this goal is important because I’ve learned (both firsthand and through the stories of others) that great harm can come to people when they’re taught unbiblical or unwise ideas about how to pursue Christian romance. Sadly, I’ve also learned that a lot of the unbiblical and foolish ideas about pursuing Christian romance are being taught by Christian teachers and leaders. Too many Christian teachers miss the true foundation of a godly, fulfilling love life and focus on things that are comparably unimportant.

That’s why I started this blog. I hope to make a difference in the lives of single Christians who desire to pursue romance and one day marry. I also hope that, together, we can transform our Christian romance culture so that biblical and practical wisdom for pursuing romance will be clear and readily available for today’s single Christians and generations to come. That’s why the mission and vision of That Crazy Christian Romance are as follows.


To provide biblical and practical wisdom for the pursuit of romance leading to marriage, to challenge unbiblical and unwise perspectives concerning the pursuit of Christian romance, and to encourage Christian parents and leaders in teaching sound principles of Christian romance, striving to build a Christian romance culture that is healthier, more biblical, and more practical.

I dream of a transformed Christian romance culture that consistently teaches single Christians the essential foundation of Christian romance and provides practical instruction concerning how to pursue romance, resulting in a cultural environment that paves the way for Christian singles who desire to marry to pursue romance and marriage in a godly, straightforward, and lasting manner.


I hope you’ll be a part of the That Crazy Christian Romance community and help us build a Christian romance culture that is biblical, wise, practical, and clear. I also hope that I can pour into your life by sharing what I’ve learned about pursuing Christian romance. (You can get the best of it in one short list by downloading my free Christian Love Life Essentials Checklist.)

After that, I hope you’ll fuel the conversation about our Christian romance culture by sharing the blog with friends. It’s only by talking about our Christian romance culture that we can shape it into something better. Please share the blog on social media right now using the buttons on the left side of the screen.

Here’s to Christian romance that’s a little less crazy!