Top 5 Christian Relationship Bloggers To Follow

Top 5 Christian Relationship Bloggers To Follow

Despite the common misconception, I actually don’t know everything.

I know you might be shocked, but it’s true. There’s a lot I don’t know and haven’t experienced. That’s why I want you to listen to wise Christian voices other than mine who can help guide you as you navigate the worlds of romance and relationships. Other wise leaders, through their unique experiences and learning may be able to offer you insights I might miss.

So once you’ve subscribed to my blog and gotten your free bonus, check out these other instructors that I consider my top 5 Christian relationship bloggers to follow.

Important note: I maintain very high standards for the quality of biblical soundness and wisdom when it comes to teachings on how Christians should pursue romantic relationships. That’s because there’s a lot of unbiblical and unwise blather out there taught by Christians as though it’s wise instruction. Now, I haven’t exhaustively reviewed every piece of content these five instructors have produced. However, the content I’ve seen from each gives me reason to believe these five bloggers teach quality instruction that I can generally endorse. So as long as you read their instruction with a critical eye that compares it to Scripture and wisdom (as you always should, even with my content), I think you’ll find a lot of wisdom they can add to your life.

My Top 5 Christian Relationship Bloggers

Debra FiletaDebra Fileta

Debra’s blog True Love Dates is the most well-developed and resource-rich blog for Christian singles I’ve found thus far. (Yes, I admit it.) She offers many free blog posts with a wealth of wisdom on topics relevant to singles. She also offers premium content including audio teaching and a personal love life development course. As a certified counselor, Debra also offers remote counseling services. Her book True Love Dates is also my top recommendation as a primer on healthy dating.

Check out Debra’s blog by clicking here. You can also also follow on Facebook and Twitter.


Dr. Henry CloudDr. Henry Cloud

Dr. Cloud is a psychologist with a prestigious career as a leader and speaker who addresses many arenas of life, including romantic relationships. He gives unique attention to the spiritual, emotional, and relational boundaries that are necessary to maintain healthy relationships. His co-authored book How To Get A Date Worth Keeping is written for Christians who need to become more active in dating and was instrumental in my own life. His co-authored book Boundaries In Dating addresses many common mistakes people make in dating and how to prevent and correct them.

See Dr. Cloud’s site by clicking here. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Gary ThomasGary Thomas

Gary Thomas is a highly successful author, speaker, and blogger. He blogs about both romantic relationships before marriage and married living. His book The Sacred Search is an excellent read on proper perspectives of marriage to hold while single and how to make a wise choice in a spouse. He offers many resources on Christian living and how living in pursuit of Christ changes how we pursue romance and marriage.

See Gary’s site by clicking here, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Lisa AndersonLisa Anderson

Now I may be cheating when I mention Lisa Anderson, because she’s not an independent blogger like the above three. Rather, she’s the director of Boundless, Focus On The Family’s division dedicated to young Christian adults, and host of The Boundless Show, a podcast aimed to bring helpful discussion on relationships to Christian young people. Lisa talks with many different people on the show about wisdom for pursuing Christian relationships. You may love her podcast if you enjoy personal conversations more than reading text or listening to lectures.

Another unique thing about Lisa is she’s one of the very few Christian instructors on the subject of Christian romantic relationships who serves in her role while still single. This allows her to empathize with those Christians who experience continued singleness and don’t fit the stereotypical norm of marrying in young adulthood and starting family life. Her book The Dating Manifesto takes a unique look at the realities of dating and singleness from a Christian perspective.

Hear Lisa on the podcast by clicking here. See Lisa’s personal website by clicking here.


Katie GregoireKatie Gregoire

Katie Gregoire entered the conversation on Christian relationships with upstart force when at only sixteen years of age she began video blogging about singleness and dating. Several years later, she has made dozens of videos offering insightful discussion of subjects relevant to Christian relationships and has a substantial Youtube following. She has a charisma and transparency that make viewing her videos enjoyable while also addressing some of the tougher issues about Christian romantic relationships. You may especially enjoy her channel if you prefer a friendly face over paragraphs of text.

So don’t be stupid or make bad decisions; check out Katie’s Youtube channel by clicking here. Also find Katie on Facebook and Twitter.


What other Christian instructors have helped you grow in your pursuit of romantic relationships? Would you recommend anyone to us? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Kimberly Smith is a speaker and blogger of many things including her own journey as a single christian woman and author of “What We Cannot Be Alone – Understanding Singleness in Gods Family” (available on Amazon).

    • Justin Megna says:

      Stephen, thanks for the tip! I hadn’t heard of Kimberly Smith before you mentioned her. I’ll have to take a look at her work.

  • I’m so glad you’re blogging again! I just discovered your blog recently, so this is the first new blog I’ve gotten to see. I love Debra Fileta’s blog and have read Gary Thomas’s book, and I’m excited to check out your other recommendations!

  • johnny guitar says:

    I should like to endorse the blog “More than don’t have sex” by Justin Campbell here. Definitely the best resource on singleness and dating for Christian men.

  • Jennifer says:

    Maybe not so much a blog, but I love the video’s from Redefined tv. I am not sure if they have a blog too. But Mr & Mrs Flowers are very bibical, yet very practical as well.

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